100 Word Challenge Week # 13

It was the night before Christmas and Bella and Sam were so excited. Their friends wanted to have a sleepover and suprisingly their parents said yes. They all played, hung out and watched movies. Bella and Sam's friends named Jerry and Jim said lets go to the park "but they were exhausted". So instead they went to bed. When they woke up there were so many presents under the tree. Bella and Sam were so happy. Jerry and Jim went home and they all said they had the most magnificent christmas ever and they were thankful for everything.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

It was the first day of school and Rebecca was so nervous. Like always mom came in and said get up its time to go to school. So Rebecca slowly got out of bed and went downstairs. All of a sudden Rebecca fainted and woke up back in her bed. She tried again but it seemed to be going backwards. Mom came in again and said get ups time to go to school it was so weird!!!!! Rebecca had to get to school or she was going to be late. So Rebecca hurried as quick as possible finally Rebecca  got to to school and everything was over.